Quality is the mainstay of everything and is the focus of our staff and our equipment. Only by ensuring product quality from both the software and hardware aspects can we make progress, survive and grow in the intense market competition.

  In terms of production technologies ZERMA is operating with a combination of design, cutting, welding, processing, painting and assembling skills of such complexity and high accuracy required for the wide diversity of products( more than 35 products in 7 product lines). The eight resident engineers are all bachelor degree holders capable of designing and modifying machines in 3D Solidworks. We closely adhere to our quality assurance system and apply it through every stage of our working process.

Personal visits, screening and evaluation are conducted by our German engineers in selecting our sub-suppliers thus ensuring timely delivery and quality of outsourced parts and raw materials. Helping us to maintain our outstanding global after-sales service. To ensure the quality and reliability of the products since the establishment of the company we have a established long-term partnerships with well know suppliers for motors, electrical components, knifes, steel, etc....

 After several years of successful operation ZERMA was awarded certification according to ISO 9001 by the TÜV Rheinland in 2003. By maintaining control over the full process from production to marketing the company is also making continuous improvements of its QC system and product quality to further satisfy our customers.

​The ZERMA Single Shaft Shredders are able to cover a wide range of applications. We offer the smallZBS Series for purgings, the ZSS and ZIS Series for general plastic shredder applications, and the ZXS Series industrial shredders to achieve high throughputs. 

An important milestone was the development of the ZRS Pipe Shredder Series . These machines allow the processing of pipes with up to 1200 mm diameter and 6 m length without the need for pre-cutting. There is no comparable product available on the market today.

The most recent addition to the ZERMA family of products is the ZTS Tire Shredding System. These machines are designed to process used car and truck tires. We offer complete systems to produce separated crumb or powder.